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Jeff Gomez - Print Is Dead: Books in our Digital Age

Аз съм отчаян борец против днешната грабителска система на авторското право и сродните  му права не само по прицип, идеологически, но и по съвършено лични мотиви. Книгите. Матeриализираната цивилизация. Която алчните корпорации искат да направят достъпна само за едно богато малцинство, принадлежащо неслучайно към богатия Север.

Затова предлагам една радикалистка критика, понякога надминаваща собствения ми радикализъм, но безспорно конструктивна като изходен пункт за размисъл.

Print Is Dead: Books in our Digital Age

Jeff Gomez - Print Is Dead: Books in our Digital Age
Palgrave Macmillan (5 Nov 2007) | English | ISBN-10: 0230527167 |ISBN-13: 978-0230527164

This book is a wake-up call for anyone in the print media who has not yet grasped or embraced the realities of the digital world created by the Internet...He's [Gomez] done a good job. Print is Dead is a succinct and useful field guide to digial media.

For over 1500 years books have weathered numerous cultural changes remarkably unaltered. Through wars, radio, TV, computer games and fluctuating literacy rates, the book has, somewhat bizarrely, remained the more robust and culturally relevant way to communicate ideas. Now, for the first time since the Middle Ages, all that is about to change.


introduction 1
stop the presses
1. byte flight 11
2. us and them 31
3. newspapers are no longer news 49
totally wired
4. generation download 67
5. generation upload 81
6. on demand everything 101
7. ebooks and the revolution that didn’t happen 115
saying goodbye to the book
8. writers in a digital future 135
9. readers in a digital future 156
10. will books disappear? 175
afterword 194
notes 204
acknowledgements 214
index 215

Print Is Dead. Books in Our Digital Age

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