събота, 30 май 2009 г.

The Human Resources Glossary, Third Edition: The Complete Desk Reference for HR Executives, Managers, and Practitioners

The Human Resources Glossary, Third Edition: The Complete Desk Reference for HR Executives, Managers, and Practitioners
Publisher: CRC Press LLC 2003 | ISBN: 1574443518 | PDF | 840 pages | 3,57 mb

The fast paced world of human resources (HR) management, development, and utilization requires HR professionals to fill many roles and speak many "languages." The Human Resources Glossary answers the demand for a single authoritative source that compiles and explains the vocabulary of HR practitioners. This glossary defines HR terms and explains their context, use, and managerial implications in 56 of the most important HR areas, including benefits, compensation, disability, discipline, employee services, health care, organization development, productivity, hiring practices, employee testing, training, travel management, meeting management, and work measurement.

петък, 29 май 2009 г.

Narcis Serra, Joseph E. Stiglitz (Editors) - The Washington Consensus Reconsidered: Towards a New Global Governance

Narcis Serra, Joseph E. Stiglitz (Editors) - The Washington Consensus Reconsidered: Towards a New Global Governance
Publisher: Oxford University Press 2008 | ISBN: 0199534098 | PDF | 384 pages | 1,88 mb

This volume brings together many of the leading international figures in development studies, such as 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics winner Paul Krugman, Jose Antonio Ocampo, Dani Rodrik, Joseph Stiglitz, Daniel Cohen, Olivier Blanchard, Deepak Nayyer and John Williamson to reconsider and propose alternative development policies to the Washington Consensus. Covering a wide range of issues from macro-stabilization to trade and the future of global governance, this important volume makes a real contribution to this important and ongoing debate.
The volume begins by introducing the Washington Consensus, discussing how it was originally formulated, what it left out, and how it was later interpreted, and sets the stage for a formulation of a new development framework in the post-Washington Consensus era. It then goes on to analyze and offer differing perspectives and potential solutions to a number of key development issues, some which were addressed by the Washington Consensus and others which were not. The volume concludes by looking toward formulating new policy frameworks and offers possible reforms to the current system of global governance.

четвъртък, 28 май 2009 г.

Kevin D. Mitnick - The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security

Kevin D. Mitnick - The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security
Publisher: Wiley | ISBN: 076454280X | edition 2003 | PDF | 577 pages | 3,61 mb

Mitnick is the most famous computer hacker in the world. Since his first arrest in 1981, at age 17, he has spent nearly half his adult life either in prison or as a fugitive. He has been the subject of three books and his alleged 1982 hack into NORAD inspired the movie War Games. Since his plea-bargain release in 2000, he says he has reformed and is devoting his talents to helping computer security. It's not clear whether this book is a means toward that end or a, wink-wink, fictionalized account of his exploits, with his name changed to protect his parole terms. Either way, it's a tour de force, a series of tales of how some old-fashioned blarney and high-tech skills can pry any information from anyone. As entertainment, it's like reading the climaxes of a dozen complex thrillers, one after the other. As a security education, it's a great series of cautionary tales; however, the advice to employees not to give anyone their passwords is bland compared to the depth and energy of Mitnick's descriptions of how he actually hacked into systems. As a manual for a would-be hacker, it's dated and nonspecific better stuff is available on the Internet but it teaches the timeless spirit of the hack. Between the lines, a portrait emerges of the old-fashioned hacker stereotype: a socially challenged, obsessive loser addicted to an intoxicating sense of power that comes only from stalking and spying.

сряда, 27 май 2009 г.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb - The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

Nassim Nicholas Taleb - The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable
Publisher: Random House 2007 | 366 Pages | ISBN: 1400063515 | PDF | 7 MB

Four hundred years ago, Francis Bacon warned that our minds are wired to deceive us. "Beware the fallacies into which undisciplined thinkers most easily fall--they are the real distorting prisms of human nature." Chief among them: "Assuming more order than exists in chaotic nature." Now consider the typical stock market report: "Today investors bid shares down out of concern over Iranian oil production." Sigh. We're still doing it.

Our brains are wired for narrative, not statistical uncertainty. And so we tell ourselves simple stories to explain complex thing we don't--and, most importantly, can't--know. The truth is that we have no idea why stock markets go up or down on any given day, and whatever reason we give is sure to be grossly simplified, if not flat out wrong...

вторник, 26 май 2009 г.

Виктор Пелевин - П5. Прощальные песни политических пигмеев Пиндостана

Виктор Пелевин - П5. Прощальные песни политических пигмеев Пиндостана
Издательство: Эксмо, 2008 | 288 стр. | ISBN: 067232993X | PDF |0,7 MB

Новая книга Виктора Пелевина "П5: прощальные песни политических пигмеев Пиндостана" появилась на книжных прилавках 5 октября - дата, несомненно, продуманная писателем, который каждый свой шаг предварительно раскидывает по И-цзин - ах, все эти неслучайные пятерки. За три недели сборник из пяти рассказов (Зал поющих кариатид, Кормление крокодила Хуфу, Некромент, Пространство Фридмана, Ассасин) не прочитал только ленивый, книга уверенно вытеснила конкурентов с прилавков книжных магазинов, возглавила списки продаж, вызвала предсказуемое жужжание блогосферы, которое, однако, совсем не назовешь восторженным...


Ubuntu Unleashed 2008 Edition: Covering 8.04 and 8.10 (4th Edition)

Andrew Hudson, Paul Hudson - Ubuntu Unleashed 2008 Edition: Covering 8.04 and 8.10 (4th Edition)
Publisher: Sams 2008 | 864 Pages | ISBN: 067232993X | PDF |15 MB

Ubuntu Unleashed 2008 Edition presents comprehensive coverage of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. Windows users, Mac users, and Linux enthusiasts have been increasingly turning to Ubuntu for a user-friendly, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

This book provides detailed information on installing, using, and administering Ubuntu. You will learn how to set up a workstation or a server, and you will find complete details on Ubuntu’s easy-to-use desktop and productivity software.

Ubuntu Unleashed 2008 Edition includes a range of coverage: From the software you need in your everyday work, such as the OpenOffice.org productivity suite, to how to configure your Linux desktop to run smoothly using multiple printers, shell scripts, and more.

For the hardcore Linux enthusiast, there is complete coverage of the X Window system, Linux programming, web server administration, and network administration.

Includes a DVD with a full Ubuntu Linux distribution, plus a free upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 8.10 once it is released

Andrew Hudson is a freelance journalist who specializes in writing about Linux. He has significant experience in Red Hat and Debian-based Linux distributions and deployments and can often be found sitting at his keyboard tweaking various settings and config files just for the hell of it. He lives in Wiltshire, which is a county of England, along with his wife, Bernice, and their son, John. Andrew does not like Emacs. He can be reached at andy.hudson@gmail.com.

Paul Hudson is a recognized expert in open-source technologies. He is also a professional developer and full-time journalist for Future Publishing. His articles have appeared in Mac Format, PC Answers, PC Format, PC Plus, and Linux Format. Paul is passionate about free software in all its forms and uses a mix of Linux and BSD to power his desktops and servers. Paul likes Emacs. Paul can be contacted through http://hudzilla.org.

понеделник, 25 май 2009 г.

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell
Publisher: O'Reilly Media | ISBN: 0596005288 | edition 2006 | CHM | 961 pages | 2,28 mb

You may not have heard of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) or its professional certifications, but they're becoming an important part of proving professional competence in the Linux operating system. That aside, LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell is a fantastic introductory Linux book, well suited to introducing a curious newcomer to the environment and bringing an intermediate user up to expert status.

The book is organized around the LPI's published standards for two Level 1 exams (exams 101, which deals with key commands and file-system concepts, and 102, which places more emphasis on hardware, networking, and shell scripting). The organization works well even if you're not specifically preparing for either exam.

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell assumes nothing in early chapters, going so far--to cite one example--as to walk readers through the concept of commands with parameters separately from the concept of commands alone. Later, the pace picks up, and strategic advice is substituted (such as how to partition a disk for maximum speed and reliability) for "type-this" instructions.

Throughout, the book makes effective use of O'Reilly's time-tested and remarkably clear format for presenting Unix commands and configuration files. Each chapter concludes with a series of exercises designed to help you discover behaviors on your own, and includes the practice questions you expect in a test-prep aid. --David Wall

Topics covered: The knowledge that's tested on the Linux Professional Institute's exams 101 and 102, which includes everything from basic Linux commands and concepts to installation of the operating system, essential network configuration, and kernel recompilation.

неделя, 24 май 2009 г.

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Dan Ariely - "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions"
304 pages | HarperCollins 2008 | ISBN: 006135323X | PDF | 4 Mb

Irrational behavior is a part of human nature, but as MIT professor Ariely has discovered in 20 years of researching behavioral economics, people tend to behave irrationally in a predictable fashion. Drawing on psychology and economics, behavioral economics can show us why cautious people make poor decisions about sex when aroused, why patients get greater relief from a more expensive drug over its cheaper counterpart and why honest people may steal office supplies or communal food, but not money. According to Ariely, our understanding of economics, now based on the assumption of a rational subject, should, in fact, be based on our systematic, unsurprising irrationality. Ariely argues that greater understanding of previously ignored or misunderstood forces (emotions, relativity and social norms) that influence our economic behavior brings a variety of opportunities for reexamining individual motivation and consumer choice, as well as economic and educational policy. Ariely's intelligent, exuberant style and thought-provoking arguments make for a fascinating, eye-opening read.


INTRODUCTION. How an Injury Led Me to Irrationality and to the Research Described Here

CHAPTER 1. The Truth about Relativity: Why Everything Is Relative--Even When It Shouldn't Be

CHAPTER 2. The Fallacy of Supply and Demand: Why the Price of Pearls--and Everything Else--Is Up in the Air

CHAPTER 3. The Cost of Zero Cost: Why We Often Pay Too Much When We Pay Nothing

CHAPTER 4. The Cost of Social Norms: Why We Are Happy to Do Things, but Not When We Are Paid to Do Them

CHAPTER 5. The Influence of Arousal: Why Hot Is Much Hotter Than We Realize

CHAPTER 6. The Problem of Procrastination and Self-Control: Why We Can't Make Ourselves Do What We Want to Do

CHAPTER 7. The High Price of Ownership: Why We Overvalue What We Have

CHAPTER 8. Keeping Doors Open: Why Options Distract Us from Our Main Objective

CHAPTER 9. The Effect of Expectations: Why the Mind Gets What It Expects

CHAPTER 1O. The Power of Price: Why a 50-Cent Aspirin Can Do What a Penny Aspirin Can't

CHAPTER 11. The Context of Our Character, Part I: Why We Are Dishonest, and What We Can Do about It

CHAPTER 12. The Context of Our Character, Part II: Why Dealing with Cash Makes Us More Honest

CHAPTER 13. Beer and Free Lunches: What Is Behavioral Economics, and Where Are the Free Lunches?

List of Collaborators
Bibliography and Additional Readings
Index of Ideas

The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See

Chris Sherman, Gary Price - "The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See"
Publisher: Information Today, Inc. | ISBN: 091096551X | 1 edition 2001 | PDF | 402 pages | 4,85 MB

Enormous expanses of the Internet are unreachable with standard Web search engines. This book provides the key to finding these hidden resources by identifying how to uncover and use invisible Web resources. Mapping the invisible Web, when and how to use it, assessing the validity of the information, and the future of Web searching are topics covered in detail. Only 16 percent of Net-based information can be located using a general search engine. The other 84 percent is what is referred to as the invisible Web-made up of information stored in databases. Unlike pages on the visible Web, information in databases is generally inaccessible to the software spiders and crawlers that compile search engine indexes. As Web technology improves, more and more information is being stored in databases that feed into dynamically generated Web pages. The tips provided in this resource will ensure that those databases are exposed and Net-based research will be conducted in the most thorough and effective manner.

About the Author
Gary Price is a reference librarian at George Washington University. He lives in Vienna, Virginia. Chris Sherman is the director of the guide to Web searching on About.com and president of Searchwise, a consulting firm. He is the author of the CD-ROM Handbook and a frequent contributor to Online magazine. He lives in Los Angeles.

Table of Contents

The Invisible Web in a Nutshell
What to Expect from This Book
Boldly Go Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before
About www.invisible-web.net

Chapter 1 - The Internet and the Visible Web
How the Internet Came to Be
Early Net Search Tools
Enquire Within Upon Everything
Weaving the Web
Early Web Navigation
The First Search Engines

Chapter 2 - Information Seeking on the Visible Web
Browsing vs. Searching
Web Directories
How Web Directories Work
Issues with Web Directories
Search Engines
How Search Engines Work
Issues with Search Engines
Search Engines vs. Directories

Chapter 3 - Specialized and Hybrid Search Tools
Targeted Directories and Focused Crawlers
Targeted Directories
Focused Crawlers
Vertical Portals (Vortals)
How to Find Vortals
Metasearch Engines
Issues with Metasearch Engines
Value-Added Search Services
Alternative Search Tools
Browser Agents
Client-Based Search Tools
Web Rings
Fee-Based Web-Accessible Services
Next Stop: The Invisible Web

Chapter 4 - The Invisible Web
Invisible Web Defined
Why Search Engines Can’t See the Invisible Web
Four Types of Invisibility
The Opaque Web
The Private Web
The Proprietary Web
The Truly Invisible Web

Chapter 5 - Visible or Invisible?
Navigation vs. Content Sites
Direct vs. Indirect URLs
The URL Test
Specialized vs. Invisible
Visible vs. Invisible
The Library of Congress Web Site:
Both Visible and Invisible
The Robots Exclusion Protocol

Chapter 6 - Using the Invisible Web
Why Use the Invisible Web?
When to Use the Invisible Web
Top 25 Invisible Web Categories
What’s NOT on the Web—Visible or Invisible
Spider Traps, Damned Lies, and Other Chicanery
Keeping Current with the Invisible Web
Build Your Own Toolkit

Chapter 7 - Case Studies
Case 1 - Historical Stock Quotes
Case 2 - Patent Information
Case 3 - Real-Time Tracking
Case 4 - Locating an Out of Print Book
Case 5 - Telephone Numbers and Zip Codes
Case 6 - Finding Online Images
Case 7 - Investment Research
Case 8 - The Invisible Web Fails to Deliver!

Chapter 8 - The Future: Revealing the Invisible Web
Smarter Crawlers
The Promise and Pitfalls of Metadata
Beyond Text
Delving into Databases
Hypertext Query Languages
Real-Time Crawling
Long Live the Invisible Web

Chapter 9 - The Best of the Invisible Web
Invisible Web Pathfinders
An Invisible Web Directory
Frequently Asked Questions about the Directory
In Summary: The Top 10 Concepts to Understand
about the Invisible Web

Chapter 10 - Art and Architecture
Galleries on the Web
Gateways to Art and Architecture Resources

Chapter 11 - Bibliographies and Library Catalogs
Library Catalogs

Chapter 12 - Business and Investing
Company Information and Research
Consumer Resources
Economics—United States
Financial Institutions
General Business Resources
Government Contracts
Industry-Specific Resources
Investment Resources
Jobs and Career Information
Lookup Services
Marketing Resources
Pension Resources
Personal Finances
Philanthropy and Non-Profit Resources
Research and Development
Real Estate
Tariffs and Trade
Trade Shows and Conventions

Chapter 13 - Computers and Internet
Computers and Computing
Internet Resources

Chapter 14 - Education
Classroom and Teacher Support
Directories and Locators
Financial Information and Scholarships
General Education Resources

Chapter 15 - Entertainment
General Entertainment Resources
Movies and Cinema
Performances and Events

Chapter 16 - Government Information and Data
Directories and Locators
General Government Resources
Government Documents
Government Officials
Government Programs
Politics, Policy, and International Relations

Chapter 17 - Health and Medical Information
Diseases and Conditions
Healthcare and Medical Information
Healthcare Professional Resources
Patient Information and Consumer Resources
Pharmaceutical Drugs
Workplace Health and Safety

Chapter 18 - U.S. and World History
United States History
World History

Chapter 19 - Legal and Criminal Resources
Attorney and Law Firm Locators
Crime and Criminals
Documents and Records
General Legal Resources
Intellectual Property
Laws, Codes, and Treaties

Chapter 20 - News and Current Events
News Search Resources

Chapter 21 - Searching for People
Famous and Historical People
Genealogy Resources
Group and Affiliation Directories
Online White Pages and Lookup Tools
Veterans and Currently Serving Military

Chapter 22 - Public Records
General Public Records Resources
Location-Specific Public Records

Chapter 23 - Real-Time Information
Miscellaneous Tracking
Space and Satellite
Stock Quotes

Chapter 24 - Reference
Consumer Resources
Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Translation Resources
Food and Beverages
General Reference Resources
Journals and Periodicals
Library/Online Searching
Maps and Geography

Chapter 25 - Science
Earth Sciences
General Science Resources
Mathematics and Physics
Research and Development
Space and Astronomy
Weather and Meteorology

Chapter 26 - Social Sciences
Development Resources
General Resources
Gender Studies and Data
Latin America
Military Resources
Research and Development

Chapter 27 - Transportation
General Transportation Resources

About the Authors

Пиратская бухта. Последний берег утопии

Алексей Поликовский - "Пиратская бухта. Последний берег утопии"
The Pirate Bay. The Last Coast of Utopia (rus)
2009|PDF|3.4 Мб

Это книга о процессе над Пиратской Бухтой. Это книга о будущем, которое несут нам высокие технологии. Это книга о завтрашнем дне, который уже наступил.

Это книга о новых вещах. Вы не знаете, что такое Пиратская Бухта? Вы и подумать не могли, что в благопристойной Швеции бывают политические процессы? Вы не задумывались о том, что многие вещи, за которые с нас требуют деньги, на самом деле должны быть бесплатными? Обо всем этом вы можете узнать, скачав эту принципиально-бесплатную книгу.

Это необычное издание с большим количеством иллюстраций распространяется только через Интернет и только через торрент-трекеры ( в виде исключения - на сайте автора). Оно призвано привлечь внимание публики к проблеме копирайта, к достоинствам свободного программного обеспечения, к принципиальным вопросам свободы в Сети.

Книга была выпущена с открытым концом в начале процесса над Пиратской Бухтой. Здесь представлен второй, полный и окончательный вариант, выпущенный в свет после окончания процесса.

петък, 22 май 2009 г.

Ruby on Rails Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

Aneesha Bakharia, "Ruby on Rails Power!: The Comprehensive Guide"
Course Technology PTR | 2007 | ISBN: 1598632167 | 448 pages | PDF | RAR 9,3 MB


Здрач (Twilight saga)

Здрач (Twilight saga)
Стефани Майер

5-те книги на български --> в Културата е свободна, културата е свобода

Културата е свободна, културата е свобода

Научавам се, че на Генералната асамблея на Федерацията на европейските книгоиздатели, която започна вчера у нас в рамките на Панаира на книгата, ще се обсъжда груповият иск на автори и издатели срещу Google, която нарушила техните авторски права, като е сканирала книгите им. В знак на протест срещу това безумие започвам нов блог - Културата е свободна. Kултурата е свобода за споделяне на книги, филми, музика и софтуер.

Ако авторските и сродните им права бяха съществували винаги такива, каквито са днес, ние никога нямаше да познаваме Епоса на Гилгамеш, Махабхарата и Рамаяна, Илиадата или Одисеята, Попол Вух, Библията или Корана. Цифровите технологии за разпространение като р2р мрежите, нови семейства права като Creative Commons, движения като тези за отворени код и за свободен софтуер пред очите ни превръщат днешната културна епоха в решителен момент, който изисква цялостна ревизия на модела, която регулира културата в последните 300 години. Повече за безумието на съвременната система за интелектуална собственост --> Deconstructing stupidity от James Boyle

Започвам с две книги за неизбежната anticopyright революция:

David Bollier - Viral Spiral. How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of Their Own

David M. Berry - Copy, Rip, Burn. The Politics of Open Source

Подробности за тях и линкове за даунлоуд --> в Културата е свободна, културата е свобода. Смятам чрез него редовно да споделям книги и софтуер, понякога музика и филми, като изрично трябва да уточня, че никакво съдържание няма да бъде хоствано на сървъра на блога, ще публикувам само линкове за даунлоуд. Повечето книги ще са на английски, филмите по възможност с бг субтитри. В Семки и бонбонки ще публикувам само новите линкнати заглавия, а подробностите и линковете - в Културата... Тъй че може да си го сложите във Favorites ;-)

сряда, 20 май 2009 г.

Juanes ft. Nelly Furtado - A Dios Le Pido

Случайно попаднах на английски превод на A Dios Le Pido на Хуанес, и текстът ми се стори много красив:
For my eyes to wake up with the light of your sight,
I ask God for my mother not to die and for my father to remember me,
I ask God for you to stay by my side and not to ever leave my life,
I ask God for my soul not to rest when my sky is about loving you,
I ask God for the days I have and the nights that are not here yet
I ask God for the sons of my sons and the sons of their sons
I ask God for my people not to shed so much blood, and for my people to raise
I ask God for my soul not to rest when my sky is about loving you,
I ask God for one more second of life to give you, and to always stay by you
One more second of life to give you, and my whole heart to hand to you,
one more second of life, I ask God for.
And that if I die, it's because of love, and if I fall in love, it's with you
and that your voice is this heart everyday.
I ask God that if I die, it's because of love, and if I fall in love, it's with you
and that your voice is this heart everyday.
I ask God, I ask God...
За забравилите - ето я на живо на латиноезичните Грами 2002 в изпълнение с Нели Фуртадо:


[край на видеото]

Надявам се, че преводът не е далеч от испанския оригинал:
Que mis ojos se despierten con la luz de tu mirada, yo a
Dios le pido que mi madre no se muera y que mi padre me recuerde,
a Dios le pido que te quedes a mi lado y que más nunca te me vayas mi
a Dios le pido que mi alma no descanse cuando de amarte se trate mi
a Dios le pido por los días que me quedan y las noches que aún no llegan
a Dios le pido por los hijos de mis hijos y los hijos de tus hijos
a Dios le pido que mi pueblo no derrame tanta sangre y se levante mi
a Dios le pido que mi alma no descanse cuando de amarte se trate mi
a Dios le pido un segundo más de vida para darte y a tu lado para
siempre yo quedarme
Un segundo más de vida para darte y mi corazón entero entregarte
Un segundo más de vida yo a Dios le pido
Y que si me muero sea de amor y si me enamoro sea de vos y quede tu
voz sea este corazón todos los días
a Dios le pido y que si me muero sea de amor y si me enamoro sea de vos
y que de tu voz sea este corazón todos los días a Dios le pido,
a Dios le pido...
Чудя се как ли би го направил на български някой добър преводач... Мисля, че "А Dios Le Pido" би трябвало да е "На Бога се моля". Във Vbox7 има клипче с бг превод, но не ми се струва хич добър (клипът обаче е хубав, макар и с лошо качество):


[край на видеото]
Очите ми да се събуждат със светлината на твоя поглед
На Господ се помолих дано майка ми да не умира и баща ми да ме запомни
На Господ се помолих да останеш при мен и никога повече да не напуснеш живота ми
На Господ се помолих моята душа да не е никога уморена, когато те обичам, любов моя
На Господ се помолих за останалите дни, които ми остават, и за нощите, които още не са дошли,
На Господ се помолих и за децата на децата ми, и за децата на децата ти
На Господ се помолих за моето село никога да не се пролива толкова кръв и да се изправят моите хора
На Господ се помолих моята душа да не е никога уморена, когато те обичам, любов моя
На Господ се помолих да ти дам още един миг живот, да ти предам сърцето си
Да ти дам още един миг живот и за да остана винаги на твоя страна
за още един миг живот
На Господ се помолих и ако умра, да бъде от любов, и ако се влюбя, да бъде в теб
И този глас да е всичко на това сърце всеки ден се моля на Бог
И ако умра, да бъде от любов, и ако се влюбя, да бъде в теб
И този глас да е всичко на това сърце всеки ден се моля на Бог
Също ми стана интересен стихът "for my people not to shed so much blood, and for my people to raise" и мисля, че отговорът е в биографията на Хуанес - той е роден в Меделин, Колумбия - страна, разкъсвана повече от 40 години от вътрешен военен кофликт между левите (нарко)партизани и паравоенните проправителствени групи. Хуанес е международно известен и като граждански активист, особено с дейността си за подпомагане на колумбийските жертви на противопехотните мини, а през 2005 г. Times го нареди сред 100-те най-влиятелни личности на света.

...А Dios Le Pido...

петък, 15 май 2009 г.

Защо не пиша.

Трудно ми е да пиша. Не че не ми се иска или няма какво, а някак ми се струва нередно да пиша за нещата, с които се занимавам, които ме интересуват, които чувствам - с изключение на едно: Синята коалиция. Обаче за нея не ми се пише по други причини - всичко е безкрайно ясно и безкрайно гадно:

БСП и ДПС искат да откраднат изборите като за целта използват всякакви незаконни и кални хватки. А слугинчетата им лъснаха като въшка на чело - "Атака", "Напред" на олигарха Ковачки, Кошлуковото "Ново време", Каракачановото МВРО, Любодиловият "Гергьовден".

Ясно ми е също какво правя аз в тази ситуация:

- Гласувам за Синята коалиция и през юни, и през юли.
- Другата седмица отивам в предизборния щаб да направя скромно дарение.
- Утре, събота, в 18,30 отивам в НДК на официалното откриване на кампанията.
- Междувременно, вече използвам всеки подходящ случай да обяснявам на роднини, приятели, познати защо трябва да изметем крадливата тройна ламя от властта, затова трябва да се гласува. Невинаги агитирам за Синята коалиция, когато знам или усетя, че човекът има твърда антисиня нагласа, минавам на план ББ - "гласувай за него, за да спреш крадливата червено-турската мафия".
- А-а, още трябва да разбера къде мога да се включа за разлепване на плакати и флаери.

Друго какво? Няма друго, нали казах, че всичко е безкрайно ясно?

А за да не ми е толкова гадно, се зарових в книги и музика. Изключително поучителна се оказа "Бaлoнитe нa Грийнспaн. Eпoхaтa нa нeвeжeствo във Фeдeрaлния рeзeрв"

# автор: Уилям Фликенщайн & Фредерик Шийхън
# издател: Сиела (2009)
# ISBN978-954-28-399-7
# език: български
# 176 страници

За интересуващите се от Грийнспан и ролята му за сегашната криза още три интересни книги:

Alan Shrugged. Alan Greenspan, the World's Most Powerful Banker

# автор: Jerome Tuccile
# издател: Wiley; 1 edition (August 16, 2002)
# ISBN-10: 047139906X
# ISBN-13: 978-0471399063
# език: English
# 302 страници,
# pdf формат

Alan Greenspan.The Oracle Behind the Curtain

# автор: E. Ray Canterbery
# издател: World Scientific Publishing Company; annotated edition edition (February 16, 2006)
# ISBN-10: 9812566066
# ISBN-13: 978-9812566065
# език: английски
# 193 страници
# pdf формат

Greenspan’s Fraud. How Two Decades of His Policies Have Undermined the Global Economy

# автор: Ravi Batra
# издател: Palgrave Macmillan (April 14, 2005)
# ISBN-10: 1403968594
# ISBN-13: 978-1403968593
# 288 страници
# език: английски
# pdf формат

За музиката:
Кефя се, че си намерих първия и може би най-великия албум на Enigma във flac формат:

Enigma - MCMXC a.D.
- The Limided Edition (1990)
New Age, ambient | Recorded: 1990 |
# The Limited Edition (1990)
# EAC Rip; FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG; RAR 3% Rec.
# 372 MB | 60,27 min. | Full Covers
# Label: Virgin

парола: L@ter

Как изпуснах най-личното слугинче - Яне?! Непростимо ;-)

четвъртък, 7 май 2009 г.

Антипатриотизъм и крак

Джордж КатебГледам, че двете книги за глобалната криза, които качих, са сваляни многократно, поради което предлагам още интересности (много съм гневна и ядна зарад пламенюруковските простотии, та нещо нещо полезно или приятно някому да сторя). Предлагам последната книга на един от най-уважаваните и влиятелни политически мислители на последния четвърт век Джордж Катеб "Патриотизъм и други грешки". Той е професор в Принстън и наред с Джон Роулс и Айзая Бърлин има значителен принос в политическата теория на съвременния либерализъм. Отявленият му индивидуализъм се чете в студиите му за Ралф Уолдо Емерсън, Джон Стюърт Мил и Хана Арендт. В последните години Катеб насочва вниманието си към непрекъснато усилващото се ерозиране на индивидуалните свободи от страна на администрацията на Буш и отровното влияние на религиозната, етническата и държавната групова идентичност върху морала.

Патриотизмът и други грешкиКнигата е разделена на три части. В първата Катеб дискутира експанзията на държавната власт (вкл. теми като всеобхватното следене на гражданите) и оправдаването на войната от Буш-мените. Втората част предалага есета в областта на психологията на морала, а третата съдържа съвременни интерпретации на най-големите политически мислители от Сократ до Хана Арендт.

Patriotism and Other Mistakes

1 edition (November 30, 2006)
Publisher: Yale University Press;
ISBN-10: 0300120494
ISBN-13: 978-0300120493
език английски, формат pdf, страници 464


Другата благина е от по-пиратски характер - Kaspersky 2009 Trial Resetter, който се чакаше от доста време и понеже го намерих, бързам да зарадвам и някой друг. Няма да обяснявам нищо за него, на който му трябва, той разбира ;-)



Паролата за Trial Resetter-а е 17071935. Архивът съдържа 4 изпълними файла - за XP 32 или 64-битов, за Vista - 32 или 64.

Важно! Самият Касперски третира рисетъра като вирус и изтрива exe-тата, независимо, че са рарнати (това е отличителна черта на този антивирус - декомпресира, сканира и чисти архиви, само парола ги защитава). Затова след като рисетнете, Касперски ще ги изтрие, тъй че пазете си рарчето отделно за следващия рисет.-